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OpenIRCStats is a irc stats package written in php and perl that allows you to put your irc server information on your website. Features include a channellist, a average user list, and server stats such as total channels, user, and operators. OpenIRCStats was designed to be easily installed on any webserver running php and mysql.  The current version has been tested on Fedora Core 1-3 and Redhat Advanced Server. It has also been tested using mysql 3.23 -4.1. If you are interested in testing the script on a windows platform please let us know. This application is brought to you by David Mathews of If you are in need of assistance or would like to tell us how you are using our product please let us know.


    - Mysql DB Support
    - PHP Web-Based Monitoring
    - Live Updating Via Cron
    - Channel List
    - Server Stats
    - Number of users in room
    - Best Of All Its FREE


1. Edit the config.php file giving your db info
    Note: Make sure you have created a db for the database
    Database information variables:
       $databaselocation = 'localhost';
       $databaseport = '3306';
       $databasename = 'testdb';
       $databaseuser = 'testuser';
       $databasepass = 'testpass';
2. Edit the giving your db info and irc server info
    Note: Make sure you have created a db for the database
    Database information variables:
       $mysql_host = 'localhost';
       $mysql_db = 'testdb';
       $mysql_user = 'testuser';
       $mysql_pass = 'testpass';
    IRC Server information variables:
       $nick = 'filterlst';
       $server = '';
       $port = '6667';
3. Import the db table sturcture via openircstats.sql
    Example: mysqlimport -h yourhost -u youruser -pyour_pass databasename openircstats.sql
    Example2: mysql -h yourhost -u youruser -pyour_pass databasename < openircstats.sql

4. Test the setup:
    shell: perl
    If all goes as planned and no errors you can move on otherwise check the errors
    and try to fix them. Only errors may be the Net::IRC or DBI modules not being installed. Check the FAQ or Help/Troubleshooting.

5. Set your crontab to allow the updating of the db
    Example: 00,05,10,15,20,25,30 * * * * /yourpath/openircstats/ >/yourpath/openircstats/openircstats.log 2>&1
    Example2: 35,40,45,50,55 * * * * /yourpath/openircstats/ >/yourpath/openircstats/openircstats.log 2>&1

6. Set your browser to the location of the stats dir and run the openircstats_channel_list.php file.


    - Server  Tested on Apache/1.3.12 (Unix)
    - PHP >= 4.1.2
    - MySQL (tested with 3.23.23 and above)
    - Perl
    - NET::IRC
    - DBI
    - POSIX
    - A web-browser

Download Latest Version:

    - Download openircstats-1.1.tar.gz
    - Download

Latest Releases:



If you are having problems getting OpenIRCStats setup, the first place to look is the README file in the archive.

If you are still having difficulty installing or configuring OpenIRCSats, you can post a message to the Help/Troubleshooting forum hosted on Typically, forum postings get a response within anywhere between a couple of hours to a day or two.

If you think you may be encountering a bug in OpenIRCStats, take a look at the Bugs listed on Note that you can enter a keyword and search the bug database at the top of the form on that page. If you do not find a match then please enter the new bug information into the system and we will get it resolved.